Manuel Gonzalez 202 Colonia Centro San Pedro

Tel: +52 (81) 83367720, +52 (81) 83367730
Fax: +52 (81) 89898460


RDLP arquitectos

We work as a team of architects with different profiles, external collaborations of architects, real estate engineers and promoters; obtaining a high degree of specialization in each stage of the project. In our office, we acknowledge that architecture generates through people's needs and a physical, cultural and climatic context understanding. Architecture comes from a sum of elements defining a building: structure, form, context connections, materials and its ability to convey sensations towards its users and spectators. As a team we have a highly personalized service with which we offer a detailed approach to projects according to their specific needs. Intending to question preconceptions and trying new methodologies is part of our own process; "reinvention" along with responsible and conscious design, regardless the project scale, complements our method in order to design current architecture.

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