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Lacina Heitler Architects

Lacina Heitler Architects strive to be innovative architects that translate imagination and knowledge into human experience. We are a full service design firm offering expertise in architecture, interior design, space planning, and project management to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from corporate to residential. We are committed to intelligent design and seek to integrate current sustainable practices and green technologies into each project. Our purpose is to provide a built environment that inspires creativity, promotes growth, and nurtures well-being. Utilizing our experiences and resources, we seek to understand the specific site and program of each project and deliver a high quality solution that meets the specific needs and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Lacina Heitler is committed to projects that maximize the architectural advantages and economic benefits of sustainable design. In keeping with this approach, 85% of Lacina Heitler principals and staff are certified as LEED Accredited Professionals. Additional staff members are taking the exam through the spring and summer and we hope to achieve 100% certification by the end of the year.

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