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Belén Butragueño Díaz-Guerra (Madrid, 1977) is Architect at ETSA of Madrid (Polytechnic University) since 2002 graduated with Honors and has finished her studies of Doctorate in this University in the Department of Architectonic Projects. She is Professor of Drawing and Analysis at ETSA of Madrid and has been Professor of Projects and Analysis at SEK University in Segovia for last the four years. She began her professional activity as collaborator in diverse Offices of recognized prestige, among which stands out the Dutch Office MVRDV in Rotterdam, where she developed the Goya-Leonardo Scholarship. Later on she co-founded the Office BeLuMen,that took part in multiple competitions and projects related to a new conception of the public contemporary space. At the present time she is working on the configuration of a space of creation called B2bConcept, that pretends to be a laboratory of experimental architecture, very in touch with other artistic and scientific disciplines, in which the creative labour is based on the research of the fields of opportunity that are opened in the contemporary world. In this sense, she has written diverse articles that question the current city planning approaches, as they are: “In search of The Lost Ark“, Magazine I THOUGHT (relative to the enormous growth of the Spanish metropolis), “Networks”, Magazine SKAFANDRA N º 5, 2008, or “Planned City versus Spontaneous Cityz“, published in the Digital Magazine ARCHFARM. Her work has been chosen to participate as an author in the 44th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ISOCARP “ Urban Growth without Dispersion “, with the paper “ New Networks for the old Paradise “, that will be developed the next month od September in Dalian, China. Her paper puts in question the overexploitation of the coastal paradise of the whole world and proposes the search of a better integration between the tourist and the inhabitant of the above mentioned environments. Her last conference given in the University of Castilla–La Mancha, at the Technical College of Cuenca, within the II Edition of the Master of Building and Digital Home in April, 2008, affects the importance of including the new technologies in the design and restructuring of the contemporary urban space, in the search of “ The Space of the Cyberspace “. From its creation, B2bconcept has collaborated as Commissioner of Exhibitions and Cycles of Conferences that allowed the diffusion of new ideas in the field of the treatment of the public environment, combining the intervention of architects of recognized prestige with young promises, in cycles as “Localiz-art” in 2007, “ Young Architects “ in 2006 (with Izaskun Chinchilla, Ignacio Borrego and Urban Ecosystem) or “MVRDV” in 2005 (with Jacob Van Rijs), all of them at SEK University in Segovia. Also B2bconcept has taken part in Courses specialized in the Experimentation on Urban Space, as the Cycle “ Other Urban Natures “, developed in 2001 at EACC of Castellon.

On the other hand, her collaboration with the University is not limited to the teaching but she is member of diverse Groups of Educational Innovation in which relevant Professors such as Javier Seguí, Atxu Amann and Javier Raposo take part. She is Coordinator of the Chair University-Company H+A of Architectural Concrete, directed by Professor Alfonso del Aguila, with whom in addition she coordinates Technical Days on New Constructive Systems and the development of the Pladur Competition at ETSAM. Several of the Urban Projects developed by B2bconcept have been spread through Magazines such as “Vía Arquitectura”, “Pasajes de Arquitectura”, “CSCAE”, “Arquitectos de Madrid” (magazine of the Official College of Architecture of Madrid) or “Piedra de Toque”. Within its more relevant projects stand out the Remodelation and Regeneration of the historical Centre of Chipiona, Cadiz; in collaboration with Dintra5 Engineers and the Office MVRDV (Rotterdam, Holland), the First Prize in the Competition “DISSONANCES, art for the Innovation”, together with Carmen Paz and Diego Soroa in Bilbao or the Project of Cultural Centre of New Technologies, Leisure and Restoration that B2bconcept is projecting together with Diego Soroa at Gran Vía in Bilbao. On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that in spite of being a Young Office, they have already developed a School of Infantile Education, a Restaurant, a Design Hairdresser’s and three Singular Houses. In these projects, the office supports its researching and experimental conception of architecture, so that both the creative processes and the constructive procedures are based on the searching of new acting strategies, compromised with the program, the global environment, the materiality and the specific conditions of each problematic.

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