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M.Arch Architects

M.Arch Architects is a New York City based firm providing quality works of architecture in the form of commercial, residential, institutional, and educational buildings. Our intensive knowledge of Building Code and Zoning Resolution issues empowers the busiest client with accurate, timely information from both the NYC Department of Building and City Planning conveniently located nearby our offices. Our client’s needs and wishes are adroitly transformed into construction documents for all permits and construction execution.

M.Arch stands out as a team of professionally licensed architects fully insured and honored with degrees of excellence from leading Universities and professional associations. As architecture moves from the profound to the intimate and our professional team is trained to reach the specific goal of each client. Each project within our office is assigned to a principal and managed daily.

M.Arch Architects is open to collaborative relationships and often works jointly with various design and engineering firms sharing resources and knowledge. This collaborative relationship allows for greater design flexibility as well as expanded project scopes and understanding that in turn provides the best professional design service to wider ranges of clients.

M.Arch Architects incorporates the latest BIM (Building Information Modeling) Software into highly organized 3D visual presentations as well as technical documents allowing each client to be in control of the design through each phase of the project. These BIM models allow our team the greatest understanding of building component geometry, placement, number, and specification for flawless coordination between project engineers and consultants. Our BIM and CAD technical expertise is integrated with the latest Green Building processes and LEED specification writing. Each client’s budget and scheduling issues are carefully discussed and integrated into BIM modeling and CAD processes allowing us to deliver a complete cost-effective end product, while meeting important construction schedules.

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