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zlgdesign always maintained and believe that architecture is about people and never about style or about winning 'beauty' contests, although we enjoy research and intellectual discourse but never competition for the wrong purposes. Our practice embraces whatever ideas or concepts that come in the way of development of our designs, whether this process necessarily makes sensible methodology or not. These processes are not ends but means to create something unusual and unique and more specific and exclusive to the brief and the physical contexts.

The Boh Visitor Centre for instance derives its concept from the place, many of the design features borrowing heavily from the life and the culture of the Tea Estate in Cameron Highlands, whereas the Challenge Park Climbing Centre contemplates on the essence of the site to inform the built form.

Today's buildings are designed to fit inside a parameter largely defined by their archetypes. This concept presents a challenge to zlgdesign's creative process as it embraces the idea of non-exclusivity between one building type to the other. In this context zlgdesign's work move away very quickly from mainstream typological sets, in fact we actually design ambiguous spaces or third spaces that exhibit truly hybrid functionality in the final execution. "If it doesn't engage or connect with one's emotion, or if it's just not involving enough, we'll probably just throw it out the window. We won't want to take the design all the way to the end if it's not intriguing enough, and doesn't hold any mystery or surprises...it really isn't worth development time. The drama isn't going to be there by the time we're finished with it, there isn't going to be enough of it to sustain an experience", says Huat Lim.

zlgdesign attract very young designers and architects worldwide, as we have some of the very best people who takes interest in our philosophy that architecture is simply and will always be about people and their resourcefulness. Above everything else we also maintain that all creativity has a beginning and is expressed as spatial existences, that our built works are socially enriching buildings, they are able to stir emotions, they move our spirits and our hearts, and that architecture has a profound lasting, and resounding and more permanent impact on our natural environment, more than any of the other arts.


Job Listings:

Project architects

Posted: October 16, 2012 

Senior staff from three to four years experience with CAD skills. Free parking, location near two stations KLPAC in the vicinity. Work available in TV station or hotel apartment me resort in Oman.  

architectural draftspersons/CAD managers

Posted: August 16, 2008 

4 positions available to right candidates with 5 or more years of drafting experience, in CAD or 3d Max software. Senior CAD Managers will be offered management positions with attractive remuneration. 

project directors

Posted: August 16, 2008 

1 position available for project director to take charge of design, implementation and administration of large contract for iconic building kenanga textile centre, located in kuala lumpur. Long term partnership offer to the right candidate. 


Posted: August 13, 2008 

2 positions available to experienced architects to take on design management responsibility for two tower projects, both in kuala lumpur. 

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