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Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur

Organisation: The firm advocates a multidisciplinary approach with several parties collaborating, each on the basis of their own particular know-how and expertise. Co-ordinating this process - poetry and engineering - is an extra challenge which results in excellence. The portfolio of Jeanne Dekkers Architecture includes a wide variety of commissions on every possible scale: from urban design to commercial and industrial buildings, public buildings, schools, dwellings and interiors: 'from cities to seats'. Working closely as a team, designers and engineers develop and supervise every phase, from designing up to and including the completion of the last detail. Just over 20 people, who have been working together for years, enthusiastically work on the different tasks involved in designing and realizing the various commissions. Our goal is to come up with the best fitting response to every commission by analysing the uniqueness of the commission, the client and the location and representing these by a design. The quality of the end result as a whole intends to be greater than the sum of its parts; the design expresses the nature of the commission and simultaneously anticipates, as a cultural manifestation, the future. Using a building brings life to its emptiness. Poetic Engineering is our main theme. Based on its clear views on design in the built up environment Jeanne Dekkers Architecture has realized many high-profile buildings. The firm seeks and finds the responses best fitting each commission. Every design process begins with getting thoroughly acquainted with the commission by rephrasing the definition of the problem and a study into four main aspects. 'Looking and listening' to the location, the brief, the purpose and background of the client and the user and being receptive to invisible factors are important to understand as fully as possible what the commission actually is, and to fully master it. At Jeanne Dekkers Architecture, discovering the essence behind the triviality of a given environment is important. We approach every commission from the history and significance of the location: 'the gift of location'.

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