885 Albion Street
San Diego

Tel: 619.222.9831


Kevin deFeitas Architects AIA

We understand architecture to be the art of listening and the craft of solving problems elegantly. We try to carefully design solutions that both resolve and, hopefully, transcend the problem, without any stylistic preconceptions; each project is unique and so should the solution. The best opportunities are often in the project’s eccentricities, so we work to extract what is truly unique about the site, the client, and/or the program. We have also learned that good architecture doesn’t have to be expensive just thoughtful: great light, space and flow with one or two nice materials can be enough. We have dramatically broadened our skill set by expanding beyond the traditional role of architect, by serving as developer and general contractor on several projects. This multifaceted approach has allowed us to build projects that wouldn’t have happened any other way; with the quality of the design taking precedence over pure profitability, rather than the other way around. These experiences have taught us to approach problem solving from the perspective that there is usually a better solution out there, and that it requires a concerted and sincere effort to discover it. Though sometimes tedious, this is the “sweet spot” of any design project: analyzing, drawing, testing, redrawing, resolving, drawing. This is the process of architecture. Ultimately, we would hope that people using the spaces we design would appreciate the optimism, strong connection to place, careful execution, curiosity, and the hint of wit we try to imbue into all our work.

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