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WHIM architecture

WHIM architecture produces a modern, whimsical, sculptural architecture within its wider context.

WHIM develops concepts for changing society’s, like the ageing population and the increasing percentage of single households.

The creative expertise of our team is reflected in a diverse range of building types. Our work, including cultural centres, office buildings and residential developments, has led to award-winning projects, direct commissions and numerous distinguished competition entries. The scale of our work reaches from distinctive pavilions and private villa’s to large scale urban developments.

In the creation of the physical form of our work, an intensive modelling process takes place until the design results in a building as a desired sculpture. The form of the design is always in relation to it’s context.

Each design is planned into its context with great accuracy, emphasising and upgrading the valuable particulars already present. Committed to innovative and enjoyable architecture, our team seeks to respond to the unique circumstances and inherent potentialities of each project. By reviewing each project within its international context and by continuous development of our own potentials, innovative architectural solutions arise, which expands the possibilities and expectations of modern architecture.

WHIM architecture (originally named as Bateman Architecture) is an international architecture firm, set up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, by Ramon Knoester in 2004.

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