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HMA2 architects

OVERVIEW Background: • Started in 1986 • Many repeat clients • Work is national based • Boutique firm with strong affiliates for production • Diverse building and design projects for commerce and culture • Active in national educational initiatives for public schools and colleges • Known for innovative designs for libraries, colleges, stores, galleries and offices Mission: Create highly useful and attractive places that teach, inspire, elevate and celebrate. Architecture should be current and timeless, intimate and grand, reflective of how people live, exemplary of the organization it serves and sensitive to its environment. Philosophy: Architecture is a learning and social tool. Libraries, offices, stores, homes, hotels and college campuses are teaching places for social interactions. We revel on the blur between generations and cultures where learning, teaching, shopping, browsing, eating, cooking, working and playing mix. Unexpected adjacencies can wonderfully enliven experiences. Technology is a tool and not the only answer. Thinking saves money and helps our clients make money. “Brevity is the soul of wit” (Shakespeare). Inspiration is everywhere. Process: Rely on a design process that is collaborative and iterative, structured and serendipitous. We employ rigorous analysis, interactive workshops, clear communications and seasoned intuition.

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