Segunda Avenida Oriente Sur#12
Comitan, Chiapas

Tel: 0052-963-632-0291
Fax: 0052-963-632-8179

Shah y Mandujano

Shah y Mandujano – designing projects that reflect the soul of the clients Shah y Mandujano is a muti-disciplinary architectural firm geared towards developing high quality projects that reflect in art form the soul of our clients. The firm was founded in 1995 in Comitan Chipas , Mexico . The partners have extensive experience in the planning and design of a broad range of projects including residential, educational, commercial, recreational, adaptive re-use, conservation and interior designing. Our goal is to create an architecture which is not only artistic but is also reflective of our client’s needs, emotions, memories, and influences. This is achieved by thoroughly understanding our clients, their working operation, business plan and environmental requirements. Our residential projects reflect our client’s dreams and inspirations and show flexibility in their designs so that they can grow with time as the needs and demands of our clients evolve. No matter how big or small the project is our quest for high quality project delivery doesn’t change.

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