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ART-TECHNIQUE. The fusion of two concepts in balance lead the composition of TÉKNE ART-TECHNIQUE. In the heat of disjunctive, opposite elements are questioned and intermingled , reflecting a progressive architecture. TÉKNE. Integrated by a group of young people characterized by the exhaustive experimentation in the proposals of giving successful projects with an extraordinary architectonic, urban and commercial potencial, without concerning the budget. Endorsed, by a spirit of work altogether between the client, architect and engineers, in order to reach the highest levels of functionality. TÉKNE takes a proactive roll in the design team, all the activities and costs are under a precise construction process control, to ensure that the established times and budget are successful. The project management is important as the design process, this idea impels TÉKNE to preserve in the innovation within any project. Our specialty is to provide total design and project development on construction detail. During 4 years we have worked on almost over 70 projects on wide range of fields, land or detail extension, such different places of Mexico an the world NL COAH CHIH TAMPS BCS DF JAL ZAC EUA JAPAN ITALY SWEDEN

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