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New York

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MADE is an innovative design firm distinguished by our belief in integrating the designer and builder at every stage of the construction process. By combining a design studio, a fabrication workshop, and a contracting team under one roof, we offer a range of services unmatched by conventional design practices. More importantly, with the talents of informed designers and the skills of inspired builders, MADE creates spaces that are intelligently designed and ultimately refreshing in sensibility and aesthetic. After graduating from the Yale School of Architecture, Ben Bischoff, Oliver Freundlich, and Brian Papa founded MADE and assembled a diverse team dedicated to inventive design and incomparable craftsmanship. Our studio and workshop are located in a Civil War-era warehouse on the historic piers of Red Hook, Brooklyn where we work fluidly between drawing and prototype to achieve designs that can be executed on site with care and refinement. Working so closely with the raw materiality of buildings, MADE has a deeply rooted passion for its sensual side, the way things feel both physically and aesthetically. Our projects exhibit this with clarity of detail whose lasting expression remains both natural and unique. Fundamental to MADE’s approach is our belief that design should be realized, it should get built. In every MADE project, design proceeds simultaneously with a concern for buildability. With this comprehensive understanding, we lead our clients through the entire construction process, assuming responsibility for executing a project that intelligently and creatively meets their desires. With our integrated approach, MADE embraces the possibilities of designing and building and remains committed to executing and experiencing what at first could only be imagined.

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