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raffaele santacroce is the founder of M.U.D.A.RCHITECTS (modern urban design agency), company created in Bologna in 2004 and working in all national context. the study who today has in Asola (MN) the place of business makes use of a team of architects and engineers coming from several professional realities, it's owns a solid experience in the architectural design with special attention to the energy and enviromental themes, in the industrial design and in the technological research. in these years projects have been developed on varius scale as building realization with several destinations with typologic and technological researches, studies on the enviromental strategies for the control of the climatic and it's makes important urban planning. M.U.D.A.RCHITECTS manages everybody the phases of a project, from planning the asset to creating the asset and the operating the asset. All our projects are managed by professionals team, created on the basis of the specific requirements of the customer, who boasts a local and international experience mix, ensuring the quality of the final product. We always try to work a narrow contact with our customers to identify the areas of improvement of their businesses well. That means develop excellent relations with the same ones, at individual level and strategic partners, in order to be able to provide aimed and working solutions. Combining tchnical capacity, throug each of our product lines and detailed knowledge of the sector our customer works in, we are able to obtain important results, which contribute to the growth of the same year after year.

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