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Vesely & Associates

Vesely & Associates is located in Southern California and is a full service architectural firm serving their clients in California, Arizona, and Hawaii.

The practice has been diversified with recent projects including numerous Industrial, Commercial (Retail and Office), Educational, Recreational, Single Family Housing and Multi-family Projects, as well as Federal and Military Projects.

Mr. Vesely believes that architecture is where the worlds of science, engineering and finance overlap with the arts and humanities. He believes that architecture is the harmonious working of all these demands, from the smallest interior furnishing detail to the total community relationships. The best architecture is a direct and honest expression of materials and systems reflecting people's needs, objectives, and life styles. Architecture should be regenerative, express the excitement of life and respond to the needs of the individual. His objective with each project is that all these demands can be met. This is what "architecture" is all about.

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